Fall/Winter 09-10

A timeless femininity defined by geometrical garments with military inspiration, and by soft drapes wrapping gracefully around the body.
The mysterious atmosphere of an imaginary travel on the Orient Express. Echoes of mythological tales, in a silhouette that mixes grotesque elements with eccentric playfulness. Sculptural animals, turned into precious and dramatic jewels and other very sophisticated pieces, such as those in sensual satin. Shapes, apparently classical and subtle, are adorned on the sleeves with ample, unexpected volutes, the same that embellish satin gowns and jackets in ottoman. Fabrics too reflect this unique mix of establishment and touch of surprise: double cashmere in various shades of grey, viscose flannel and silk and wool ottoman in olive and sage green, ecru and navy blue. Satin, always hyper glamorous, comes in a radiating chromatic array, declining the colours of precious stones like amethyst, sapphire, emerald, topaz and citrine.
From the grotesque and animal imaginaries, Faunesque, onirical collection of semi-precious jewellery, was inspired by fauna and the orient, halfway between reverie and reality.



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