Fall/Winter 10-11

Albino turns towards the West. New York as the new capital of the Art world. Rothko and Haring, abstract impressionism and pop art mingle, giving life to new canvasses. Shapes are straight, lines are dry and sober, cuts are geometric. Silhouettes measure themselves against the male universe. Men's oversize coats are revisited as capes. Tuxedo jackets have feminine necklines. The fabrics' patterns - like grisailles, herringbones and pied de poule - are revisited in '50s styles: kimono sleeves and sack lines are modernised by metal details and neoprene double-folding. And, lastly, short pareo wraparound skirts and mini bolero jackets decorated by fur inserts. The two artistic trends transfer their skillful use of colour to the collection. Particularly in the jacquard weaves, carrying neutral and shaded nuances like mastic, powder pink and ebony mixed in the wool fabrics, both mohair and fluff. Pop influence prevails on the brighter shades of tomato red, magenta, light blue and powder blue: brushed macro polka dots and multicolor bands printed on silk and wool gazar.



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