Fall/Winter 13-14

The Fall-Winter collection features the stylistic trademarks of Albino: architectural precision, simple geometric shapes and unusual volumes. The starting point is the box-like construction inspired by the Courrèges school of the 1960s, combined with decorative elements that recall the Bauhaus. The three-dimensionality of this model gives character to dresses, jackets, coats and tops, which, depending on the type and consistency of the material, acquire fluidity or rigidity. In some cases, the two qualities coexist in the same garment. The silhouette is essential and the volumes are never overly extravagant. The tube-like garments in double silk wool crepe have side panels in double silk blend duchesse, and when they are in printed duchesse they have a detail in wool interlock jersey: the idea is to exploit the three-dimensional construction in order to mix fluid fabrics with other more rigid ones, in order to maintain a comfortable fit. The same concept characterises coats and jackets in double wool and cashmere, with inserts in technical duchesse and beaver and fox fur. A new and original concept of suits is explored in the Albino collection. The jacket is replaced by tunics with sartorial details that do not compromise the fluid lines. The trousers are impeccable and masculine in style, though cut short, well above the ankle. In this case, the materials used are jacquard check fabrics that evoke the yarn-dyed designs found in men's wardrobes, or the neutral tones of regimental stripes, or even a design that creates a furry effect. The same fabrics are used in wide skirts with overlapping panels. The silhouette of this season is made complete by long ankle-length gowns with thin straight lines in viscose cady or silk marocain crepe, with an array of rigid panels in black duchesse; alternatively, these same panels open onto the back with a peplum effect, doubled with satin or lamé for contrast and a Déco effect. The colour palette is based on neutral shades, starting with a classic black and white graphic version, in pairs for contrast, pearl grey and champagne. There are various shades of blue, from navy to laminated electric blue, and hints of pink and cherry red.


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