Fall/Winter 19

Wallpaper 0.1

The contemporary spirit vibrating within this collection aims to be not a revolution, but on the contrary, an inspiration that allows us to imagine a more feminine way of dressing; with plenty of freedom and an equal amount of rationality, with forms and touches belonging to an acquired culture, noble and intentionally simplified.
The "couture" look that was once high fashion, now a term that has been a little abused, is expressed with essential and important style. The precise constructions of Balenciaga that are too proper and respectable (as Gianfranco Ferré said) could instead be a real revolution compared to the reigning canons.
It is important that certain values be kept liberated and enlivened by contemporary techniques. 
The heraldic symbol, the idea of stuccoes or upholstery fabrics translated into silk scarf prints, the precision of uniforms that come to life in brightly-coloured, impeccably tailored women's suits, or in cocooning overcoats that look like duvets or throws and finally the glamour of the dresses, at times stark yet sensual and spectacular, that bear the trademarks of... "that couture that was once high fashion".

This sums up the wallpaper 0.1 collection, a new step for A. TEODORO who in this intentionally concentrated, precise project defines the 2 parallels that will mark the brand evolution:
There is a playful side expressed through wallpaper style motifs that are different each time and given a fresher, more modern look.
The other side is precision tailoring showcasing the designer's elegance and technical skill to perfection.
In both we again find the taste for vibrant colours, which appear in Fall/Winter 2019-20 in a mix of strong shades like fuchsia pink or lagoon green and other more subtle tones like blush pink, powder blue and white, beside black and navy blue to define the idea of strong graphic elements.

The fabrics used for the coming Winter have a substantial feel to them and luxurious fibres: double wool crepe, and brushed wool-cashmere, Vatican canvas fabric, rigorously in black for dresses and shirt jackets as well as georgette and cotton poplin.
The soft furnishing designs of the collection are silk scarf printing technique on silk twill and brushed wool.


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