Pre/Fall 18

The Albino Teodoro Pre - Fall 2018 collection has a dual core concept.

On the one hand there are the typical interacting volumes and architectures which have a vaguely Sixties feel to them this season:
alternating mini and maxi forms, baby doll dresses in quilted taffeta or bonded crêpe sablé; matched with oversize tailored overcoats and blazers, with an obvious masculine cut.

The other core concept of the collection is identifiable in the strong decorative style of the jacquard fabrics with Ottoman inspired motifs.
The motifs are taken from the dreamlike patterns of opulent tapestries and textiles of the ancient Persian empire and coloured with a mix of luxurious and technological yarns: silk, nylon and lurex are the main textures.

This is where we see the brand's ongoing collaboration with a historic Italian textile firm which has reinterpreted these elements to create exclusive high definition jacquard patterns.
A brilliant spice tone colour palette is drawn out of these elements: saffron yellow, rosemary green, tangerine, imperial purple and amaranth purple to name a few, mingling with the more classic camel, black and ecru shades.

The imagery references what is timeless elegance, where the 60s influence comes mainly from the geometric shapes and simple lines of the silhouette, while influences of masculine shapes of the blazers and wide pleated front pants accentuate the overall modern style.

There are contrasting choices of fabrics: luminous, luxurious jacquards that enrich tailored jackets and overcoats sit alongside more everyday, contemporary fabrics like wool gabardines, and denim-effect flannel in various shades of blue, ranging from cobalt, periwinkle blue to navy.

More classic textures like crêpes and the brand's hallmark cotton poplin, and the highly-coloured retro touch of the taffetas, quilted and not, also appear.

The main feature of the collection is finely and impeccably tailored outerwear.

Overcoats and duster coats in feminine cut tapestry-weight jacquards with different patterns, architectural volumes and bold constructions typical of the Albino brand which also appear in the dresses made of super-light embroidered wool, cotton silk radzmir or crêpe back satin.
Slightly A-line forms, geometric necklines and cuts are other details that feature strongly in the collection which is condensed into a limited number of exclusive pieces.


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