Resort 14

Keeping up the architectural and sophisticated style of its latest collections, Resort 2014 of Albino proposes a new concept of femininity based on the superposition of various volumes. 
The silhouette, in fact, is studied geometrically after the manner of the French couturiers of the sixties like Cristobal Balenciaga and Dior, but with a contemporary casual taste. Trapeze coats in macramé or in thread embroidered organza overlapping ample pyjama trousers in printed taffeta fabric that look like hyper-glamourous long skirts. Or square shaped shirts matched to tulip shaped skirts, egg shaped parkas matched to classic men trousers: matched square lines intersecting more rounded and smoother ones. The same geometrical concept can be found in single dresses and in skirts where the circular motif is always interrupted by bias-cut or panel-cut square edges. Moreover, the use of transparencies and layering makes the contrast of volumes and lines more articulated and interesting. In fact, fabrics play an important role in defining the silhouette: joint printed and embroidered organza also used as lining, silk linen ottoman, taffeta, support the shapes and make them visible, on the other hand, viscose crepe marocain, silk jersey and double georgette ensure fluidity and emphasize the sensual side of the collection. Regarding colours, the palette is composed of neutral and sophisticated tones like cipria, porcelain white, very pale pink, ultramarine blue and black often matched together, with the violent and scenic intervention of fuchsia and lake red. The various colours blend in print in a highly stylized floral design where full and empty areas are modulated by neutral and bright colours with the graphic intervention of black.


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