Resort 18

Resort 2018
Neoclassic opulence: 

Simple geometric forms acquire richness and opulence through exaggerated volumes and contrasting proportions.
The new silhouette is long and languid with a particular emphasis on sleeve widths and skirts that accentuate an extremely feminine slim waist.

Male and female outerwear are developed, with a focus on trench coats, which acquire new character with few style features and sartorial finish:

The waist is pulled inwards and upwards, the volume of the back increases, emphasising the cloak-like effect, and the cut is flared, the details purposefully minute and precious.

A first unisex capsule collection is introduced, with pieces that can be ordered for both men and women, and which provide a preview of the upcoming men's collection.
The androgynous look is a feature of the Albino Teodoro collections, and translates into meticulous finishes and details taken from the world of sport, as well as classic menswear fabrics like light wool with various pinstripe options cleverly mixed with dandy silks.
The classic mackintosh puts in an appearance, reworked in turquoise or geranium faille.

In their dramatic look created using full-bodied luxurious fabrics and shapes with a certain hint of glamour, the clothes become the protagonists. 
Their deconstructed, effortless style makes them contemporary yet extremely sophisticated: the T-dress is for example one of the most sought-after pieces, with updated graphic impact in striped duchesse.
There is great importance in the choice and combination of materials and colours that bring an aura of authenticity to each piece.

A colour palette based on delicate pastel shades is taken from Flemish painter Willem van Aelst's still life flowers. 
The artist's pictorial accomplishment has been faithfully reproduced using a sophisticated jacquard technique with a charming 3D effect.
The floral theme also features in multicoloured macramé effect embroidered netting, in light, plissé dresses and jackets, and in a more geometric way in shimmering gold and silver lurex on an ochre background.

The collection features a full spectrum of pinks, ranging from pale petal pink to the most intense full nude and blush pinks, and lavender and geranium pinks.
Neutrals pick shades from plain canvases, ecru and pale grey, with midnight blue and black to create contrast and chiaroscuro effects.

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